My world is crazy.

Here I am once again. I'm just setting here, just before I go to bed. watching the very first episode of Californication. At the moment I cough really much, as I've been sick this week. This I already mentioned in a previous post, but now the worst part is over, so now I just need to get over the coughs and the itchy feeling in the throat, but that hopefully won't be long.

Today I've been training for the 24 hour race. I'm getting a bit faster in the race setup, however I still feel like a lot of training is needed, but it's only in a week! This year have not been very kind to me in regards of time to practice, so this last week will be hard. However as I handed in the mini-project in the scheme programming language, a little more time will be available this week. Right now I just look forward to the time after next weekend, because things will hopefully loosen up a bit. On the other hand the university project is not gonna do itself, and as we only have two months left, I feel like that is going to take up some time as well, but that will be another talk that I can do another time.

Tomorrow is dedicated for work, as I didn't manage to do as much as I had hoped during the week, mostly because I got sick, so Tomorrow I have to "catch up". After that I'm probably going to prepare more for the 24 hour race.

Now I'm going to bed. As i write this post, I'm listening to one of my favorite soundtracks of Californication. It's from the season 6, and the song is written by Tim Minchin, a really cool guy from Australia who moved to England. He was featured during the season 6 and also wrote the song specifically for the series. He's a comedian with a talent for playing piano. Most of his songs that I've heard have fun lyrics, and I really like him because he's one of the comedians that don't focus all the talk on sex and lame jokes - there's actually still some intelligence shown in what he's doing.

I hope you like the song.

- Archi

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