Christmas is near!

It's soon been a year since it was here the last time! But although we're still 2 months away from Christmas eve, all the stores is already beginning to find the stuff for Christmas. Santa's, small plastic Christmas trees all over the store, Christmas lights, Alf's. Don't get me wrong, i like Christmas - A lot! But I just think it's too early for Christmas stress to come. I've still got a lot of things to do, before I can begin to look forward to Christmas, at this time, most of my time will be used for studying, and we are behind our schedule for our project. Therefore I cannot begin to think of buying Christmas presents, planning Christmas things, planning new years eve, and such things! At this time I just want to fast forward to the 20th December, because i want to be done with this project at the university!

So what are you people looking forward to for Christmas time?

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