Coding much ?


Today I've been really tired. I managed to get around 5 hours of sleep tonight, and when I got home from the university, I slept for a hour or so, and then the baby downstairs started crying. Smilie: :( This morning I was supposed to have a lecture but our teacher got sick, and the lecture was canceled. We actually started working at our project instead - it's not the normal thing for us to do, but we did. I think it's because we are finally programming something, that everyone got to the project.

When we were doing our project, we got our streamer working, so actually we can stream and play a song over a network. This is really fun, we still got some minor issues, but they should be really easy to handle. Afterwards we had our course about distributed systems, and today we learned about P2P systems, and had assignments about distributed file systems.

Tonight I've just been watching some DotA, and i finally took some time to get a little further with the web page i was spending time on in my summer holidays, so the web page should soon be ready to move to the real URL.

I'm off again
- Archi

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