My original plan was to blog about my weekend yesterday, but when i wanted to start writing, my tablet was updating, which took around 20 minutes, and after that, it was my bed time Smilie: :D Sorry for that.

Well my weekend have been really good, I started out Friday, by starting up the bar. As I had to go to work, I only took one beer Smilie: :( I had 1 hour before i had to take off for work, and when that time came, a friend of mine took over the job in the bar. I got to work at 16:00 where the first hour was kinda easy, but afterwards we had enough to do. At 17:00 a colleague of mine came, and we had 4 hours together before my shift ended. I decided to wait a hour at work, because then my colleague also ended her shift, as we decided to go listen to some bands play music at a local festival, which was very nice! we had tons of fun, and after that we ended at a bar in the mid town. I ended my night at 4:30 in the morning.

When I woke up at Saturday, it was nearly time to go to work. My plan to read some things I had to read did not go well, as I didn't read anything at Saturday, and when i got home i really didn't had the energy or the motivation to read, therefore none work was done at Saturday.

Most of my Sunday was spend reading, but i had time for a single game of DotA. Today have just been the most boring day of my whole life i think. At the university i got a course called software engineering, which is okay, but most of the stuff just seems obvious to me, and it's hard not to get tired. Today we had a mini project, where we are supposed to write about how we work in a group, and what we do to make good effort of the time and blah blah blah...

So this is the time where i need to go to sleep.

- Archi.

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