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I finally managed to start working on my windows phone app. I started from scratch and this time I'm using for exchanging data. I maybe should mention that I'm doing a wishlist application for the windows phone platform. If I get the time, I hopefully will be able to do an android version also, such that the wishlists can be shared between the two platforms. The reason why I started from scratch is that, I wasn't able to prepare an email using the windows phone API, but I had to either code a lot of functionality myself, or else I would have to pay a lot of money to be able to do this. However by using I'm able to send the data to a server which I do not have to maintain myself, and all the security is handled for me, which means it's really fast to start coding apps, instead of spending time on setup and maintenance.

Besides that I've coded a bit of my windows phone app, we've been able to get something done in the semester project, which means we can actually see that we are moving forward at the moment. When that's said there's coming another mini project in the programming paradigms which I have to do, to be able to pass the course, so a little less time for the project once again. I really feel this semester has been much changing between working on the project, and not touching the project at all for a week, which is kind of frustrating, but let's not speak more of that until the semester is over. I just really look forward to some time between Christmas and new year where I can relax. On that note I would just like to state: "holy shit December is close".

Hope you all are enjoying your life.

- Archi

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