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Hi again.

Long time no post, deal with it! Smilie: :P So actually I got myself in the mood for writing a blog post. Lately I've been asked about it a lot by a friend who's in my group at the university when I will make a new blog post, so here is one for you! Smilie: :) Him asking so much about my blog has really got me thinking, if I should start using my blog for something more useful than me just jabbing about my life, but I haven't really found something that I would like to write about yet. The main reason why I started this blog, was to improve my English writing skills, and going through my old posts I can spot some improvements! I don't know if the blog is the reason or not or the fact that I'm using English so much in my everyday life.

For now I'm just gonna tell you what's going on. I've started at a new semester at the university, this is the year where I'm going to write my master thesis together with two other. It's going to be about security and at the moment I'm reading a lot about security, holes, exploits and so on. It's really interesting and yesterday me and the friend from before went to a seminar about security and a security game called capture the flag. It was really fun to see someone doing all kinds of exploits on stage! A downside of getting all this knowledge is you get to know how bad applications can be written, and how easy they are to exploit. Just take a look at this webpage: http://www.wordpressexploit.com/ already 2 exploits for today. Today I also read that a security issue in a WordPress plugin would allow hackers to arbitrarily delete files. Going through all of this I'm glad I only got a couple of small plugins for my WordPress installation.

That was it for this time, I really hope I'll find some usage of this blog in a more structured way. Until then BAIII!! Smilie: :P

- Archi

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