New bike!

Yesterday I went to the city, and i ended up buying a new bike. It was my plan to get a new bike, but yesterday was just meant as "researching", but when I got to the bike-dealer, he had this very cool mountain bike. Since it was the last one he had, it had a discount of 10%, so after a try, i ended up buying it. It's been my plan to get a new bike, because I've been moved to another focus area at work, so I'll have to do later evening shifts, and therefore the buses won't be fitting very well.

Today I've went to the university, and we've gotten a little further with the project, so tomorrow will be prototyping day. As all in the group will make individual prototypes, and later on we'll do a presentation of our prototype for the other members of the group.

All in all i think I got most of my things figured out at this moment, but as I've experienced before that won't necessarily last long Smilie: :P

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