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samsung ativ s

Hello out there.

I finally went climbing once again. It was pretty exhausting as it's been so long since I last climbed, however, it was really great to do it again and I look forward to the next time I'm going to do it! I can't even remember the last time I climbed!

Other than that I'm learning the C++ programming language, it's both fun and hard, fun because it's always fun to learn a new language. Hard because I can hardly remember the C syntax, which C++ relies on. Apart from that, I have a lot of reading to do from the university. I hope I can read a lot in the weekend. I would like to read a chapter in C# in depth as well, because I really like the book, and I really want to get better at the advanced features in C#.

Lastly I would like to tell that I have gotten a Windows Phone (the one in the picture). There are some things I can't get used to and there are some things that I really don't like. In some places I feel like the OS is a bit immature compared to the other smartphones out there but that might change when I get used to the system.

Now I'm off to bed, as I have a course in the morning.

- Archi

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project writing!

Hello readers of this blog.

I wanted to tell you about what I've been up to these days. At the university we have been writing the first few drafts of the report, and we are hopefully going somewhere. Today we have been looking at related work and later on this week we will hopefully be able to have the first real thought about our architecture for our application.

I have also planned to go climb this week. It's been so long time since we last did, so it will be really nice to finally go. I expect it to be hard to start again as we haven't really been climbing for so long, however, it will hopefully be really fun anyway.

I also about to finish up the book dancing with eternity, I only need to read that last 50 pages or so. The book is written by one of the voice actors of dota 2 which is the main cause why I found the book and wanted to read it.

just some small notes on what have been going on.

- Archi

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To buy a book or not.


Hello again.

It's been some time once again. It's not because I have been really busy this time, I have just forgotten to write here. Lately I have been working a lot because we had to finish off a release such that the real testing can begin. Right now I don't have anything to do at all at work, so I have the opportunity to relax a bit. I have been working a bit more on my Windows Phone app, as I have some thing I would like to add and others I want to improve. I have also put my code on bitbucket such that I have a remote copy of my project, if something should happen to either my laptop or the disk in it. At least I installed a SSD in my laptop but still accidents can happen, so a remote copy is always a good choice. Some of the recent work I have done on the app, is that I have upgraded to the newest library version which resolved some of my problems, another thing I have done is to convert my queries to LINQ queries, which is really nice. This is the first time I have used LINQ for something useful as I haven't been using C# much.

The university has also started a new semester, and that means a new project and new courses. I've chosen Testing and Verification and Advanced programming. Together with the Software Innovation course it should make 30 ECTS points. I have ordered 2 books today, although one was available through the university online book access, I chose to buy the Software Testing by Ron Patton because Safari Books was the only provider. I really hate the way Safari Books works. Normally we have the opportunity to download a PDF file of the books, however, this is not possible with Safari Books. Another problem is that Safari Books has limited users, so during exercise sessions access is not ensured because of the limitations, so i chose to buy the book in the end.

Hope I will write some more soon
- Archi

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Quick update

Hello there!

Tonight I've finally been able to update my web page, with some content. I've put in contact information for different methods of contacting me. I've put in a new portfolio item (I will talk about this later) and I've corrected somethings that didn't look as good on the page. So all in all pretty good, next up should be to write a twitter OAUTH for collecting my latest tweets as the API changed (a long time ago now), and then I should probably also update the home page. Also I need to implement the bread crumbs.

Now to the updating of the portfolio. I've put in a new entry for my windows phone edition of my wish list app. I have published it to the Windows Phone store, and provided a link for this on the page. Also I've planned to update the app, as of now I'm not using the category for anything on a wish. However, I have planned to use this for a grouped list such that one can click a group item and get to all the wishes of that category. Also I should probably update the graphical user interface at some point.

At the moment I have some time away from the university as I have finished all my exams and first start again at the 3. February. I have been spending some of the time at work, and other than that I have been doing some things at home, as well as a lot of other things.

- Archi

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New Year


Hello People.

It has become 2014 now, and I'm taking the time to write a blog post. I don't want to talk about New Years eve, because I like that a lot, that's really one of the best days of a year, because I know I can spend it with friends, and have tons of fun and a lot of excitement! However the first day of the year, and a couple of days after always feels sad in my world. I don't know what it is that gets me but I think a lot, and feel like another year is over, and it's time to look back at what has happened during the year that just faded away hours earlier. It's hard for me to express what it is, and I have had it since I was a child, but the first days of the new year i always spend on being in a blue mood.

The last couple of years, my friends have been here for the first day of the year as well, and helped cleaning. We always got a food from the night before, so most of them eat here at the 1st, but still I'm quite, and besides myself.

I'm strange I know. However Happy New Year!!!

- Archi.

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Tablet use


I'm here again!

Just wanted to tell you a little about my day. It's been one of the longer at the university, and it's been writing and correcting, although there was a meeting in between. We also had a meeting with our supervisor today, and we got some work to do. I haven't completely realised it yet, but we are only a week away from handing in the project. In some ways this semester have just been going crazy fast, in others not so much.

Right now I'm writing from my tablet. I've come up with an idea for using it more. I have this idea of putting it on the wall, such that I have easy access to my calendar and other things, but also setting it up with the sound system and a micro HDMI, such that it can show pictures and videos on the television. One of my friends suggested to buy a rashbarry pi, and implemented it through wireless, but that will have to be the next iteration of it, if there's going to be a next one :p

Now I will try to sleep, such that I can get up in the morning.

- Archi

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That time again


It's christmas time once again, and here I am finally blogging.

I can tell that my life has been filled with a lot of things, mostly work and university related things. I've learned the programming language smalltalk, and have developed a calendar system in it. I have had lectures on Erlang, and the semester project is also moving somewhere.

Something more interresting is, that I've visited Microsoft in denmark, because I have become Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), it was a day where we met a lot of the people who's also MSPs and we had talks on windows 8.1, windows phone and such things. It was a nice day, where we went on a plane early in the morning, and took the train home in the evening, so it was a long day, and I had to write the last of my reflection on smalltalk, because we had to hand in a mini-project at friday.

I've also developed a bit part of my windows phone app, so now it's beginning to become something. Right now I'm at a point where I have a dynamic itemTemplate for a longlistselector which is not working, but when that's done I only have to add some functionality to some buttons, and then it should be about the time where I can release version 1 (I hope it will be within the week we are entering).

Another thing that I wanna talk about is the book I'm reading. Some time ago I ordered Alan Turing - The Enigma, and I've read 80% of it I think. It's really becomming interresting now, because now it's all about after the war time where Alan worked a lot on developing "mechanical brains", where a lot of quotes are included, so one would really get into the mood of the time.

That was the bigger things of what's going on in my life. Hope I will remember to blog more often.

- Archi

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Finally started!

windows phone

I finally managed to start working on my windows phone app. I started from scratch and this time I'm using for exchanging data. I maybe should mention that I'm doing a wishlist application for the windows phone platform. If I get the time, I hopefully will be able to do an android version also, such that the wishlists can be shared between the two platforms. The reason why I started from scratch is that, I wasn't able to prepare an email using the windows phone API, but I had to either code a lot of functionality myself, or else I would have to pay a lot of money to be able to do this. However by using I'm able to send the data to a server which I do not have to maintain myself, and all the security is handled for me, which means it's really fast to start coding apps, instead of spending time on setup and maintenance.

Besides that I've coded a bit of my windows phone app, we've been able to get something done in the semester project, which means we can actually see that we are moving forward at the moment. When that's said there's coming another mini project in the programming paradigms which I have to do, to be able to pass the course, so a little less time for the project once again. I really feel this semester has been much changing between working on the project, and not touching the project at all for a week, which is kind of frustrating, but let's not speak more of that until the semester is over. I just really look forward to some time between Christmas and new year where I can relax. On that note I would just like to state: "holy shit December is close".

Hope you all are enjoying your life.

- Archi

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short post.

For once I actually have a short post this time. It has not been that long since I last wrote a post here, and therefore not much have been going on in my life. However the GTR24h event is nearing, and we are actually still not really ready for it. I think it was friday that I was told that one of the drivers on our car would not be able to make it to the event. Then we got two other drivers on our team ready to take the fight. Then today we was told the the two new drivers wouldn't attend the race together with our team. Afterwards we were trying to make a deal with a driver who had been connected to the team before, but however that didn't work out either, so now we are down to two drivers, and one in the pit. I guess this year will be a hard one, but at least we will try.

Yesterday we went out climbing, it's still a bit hard as it has been a long time since we climbed regularly, but I guess it will be easier from time to time now on. Right now I'm just watching mousesports playing a dota match before going to bed. I included a Warren Zevon song, as I've been listening to a lot of Warren this last days.

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My world is crazy.

Here I am once again. I'm just setting here, just before I go to bed. watching the very first episode of Californication. At the moment I cough really much, as I've been sick this week. This I already mentioned in a previous post, but now the worst part is over, so now I just need to get over the coughs and the itchy feeling in the throat, but that hopefully won't be long.

Today I've been training for the 24 hour race. I'm getting a bit faster in the race setup, however I still feel like a lot of training is needed, but it's only in a week! This year have not been very kind to me in regards of time to practice, so this last week will be hard. However as I handed in the mini-project in the scheme programming language, a little more time will be available this week. Right now I just look forward to the time after next weekend, because things will hopefully loosen up a bit. On the other hand the university project is not gonna do itself, and as we only have two months left, I feel like that is going to take up some time as well, but that will be another talk that I can do another time.

Tomorrow is dedicated for work, as I didn't manage to do as much as I had hoped during the week, mostly because I got sick, so Tomorrow I have to "catch up". After that I'm probably going to prepare more for the 24 hour race.

Now I'm going to bed. As i write this post, I'm listening to one of my favorite soundtracks of Californication. It's from the season 6, and the song is written by Tim Minchin, a really cool guy from Australia who moved to England. He was featured during the season 6 and also wrote the song specifically for the series. He's a comedian with a talent for playing piano. Most of his songs that I've heard have fun lyrics, and I really like him because he's one of the comedians that don't focus all the talk on sex and lame jokes - there's actually still some intelligence shown in what he's doing.

I hope you like the song.

- Archi

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