Python is a bitch

Today I've been at work and have tried to code on a project. The project is using Python with Django. We got 2 apps in Django already which needs to communicate some data. I've been working on one of the Django apps for some time now, however, today was the first time I tried to run the other app. To spill some beans I can tell you I'm not at all fond of Python at the moment. I've pretty much spend much of the day to try to get Python to use a C/C++ compiler, but I've haven't fully succeeded yet, and to add to that the thing that I have to change between 2.7 and 3.4 is just really frustrating.

First off all, I found out that the Python 3.4 install didn't work with the new app, so I had to download and install Python 2.7 and afterwards install pip. The problem arose when I wanted to install all the packages I needed to run the app. First of all the dependencies was listed in a dependencies.pip file and I had to install them all, so I thought that I would try to install them all at once, so i ran:

pip install -r ./dependencies.pip

It began installing all of the dependencies until one of them needed the C/C++ compiler. So I used my google skills to look around to find an answer, however, I didn't.. The problem is that Python expects Visual Studio 2008 (VS200Smilie: 8) on windows machines if nothing else is specified. As we are in 2014 I haven't really had the need for VS2008 so I tried to link the vsvarsall.bat to the VS2013 one instead. This didn't work out so I tried installing MinGW instead. This did the trick - at first. The process seemed to get a bit further but still something went wrong when trying to use gcc. So now I'm stuck here, wondering if it is easier to get VS2008 from somewhere (as Microsoft isn't providing it anymore, I have to get it from somewhere else which might be an untrusted source) or just install a Linux distribution in a virtual machine.

I hope that Python in the future will be bundled with a C/C++ compiler or at least the process of getting Python to recognize a C/C++ compiler will be simpler.

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