Registering a windows phone 8


Tonight I've been trying to register my new windows phone for development, however, this is apparently not an easy task. First of all I'm running windows 8.1 and with a Windows Phone 8 device one would think that this should be as smooth as silk but the devices just failed miserably to connect to each other...

After some searching on the Internet and plugging the device in and out numerous times, uninstalling drivers and installing them again, rebooting the PC and phone I finally got somewhere. After trying 4 USB connectors I finally got a connection and the PC was able to access the phone data using the phone sync tool build in with Windows 8. I could watch my photos and hear my music on my PC from my phone, however, when I tried to use the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool I constantly got the message "unable to find phone... " blah blah blah lots of information that I couldn't use and then a retry button. I tried following the guide that is on the Microsoft help page but that did nothing, even something as crazy as setting the date is suggested but nonetheless that didn't result in anything either.

So here we are! Late in the evening, me being pissed about something that is supposed to work the instant you plug in your phone but isn't. To top it all off I've been doing some android development at work, and I was actually surprised by windows 8, because when I plugged in the Android device and 2 seconds after the driver was installed I could use it as a developer device but Microsoft's own systems not working is just crazy!

lots of happy thoughts from me tonight - I know. Sorry about that

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