That time again


It's christmas time once again, and here I am finally blogging.

I can tell that my life has been filled with a lot of things, mostly work and university related things. I've learned the programming language smalltalk, and have developed a calendar system in it. I have had lectures on Erlang, and the semester project is also moving somewhere.

Something more interresting is, that I've visited Microsoft in denmark, because I have become Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), it was a day where we met a lot of the people who's also MSPs and we had talks on windows 8.1, windows phone and such things. It was a nice day, where we went on a plane early in the morning, and took the train home in the evening, so it was a long day, and I had to write the last of my reflection on smalltalk, because we had to hand in a mini-project at friday.

I've also developed a bit part of my windows phone app, so now it's beginning to become something. Right now I'm at a point where I have a dynamic itemTemplate for a longlistselector which is not working, but when that's done I only have to add some functionality to some buttons, and then it should be about the time where I can release version 1 (I hope it will be within the week we are entering).

Another thing that I wanna talk about is the book I'm reading. Some time ago I ordered Alan Turing - The Enigma, and I've read 80% of it I think. It's really becomming interresting now, because now it's all about after the war time where Alan worked a lot on developing "mechanical brains", where a lot of quotes are included, so one would really get into the mood of the time.

That was the bigger things of what's going on in my life. Hope I will remember to blog more often.

- Archi

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