To buy a book or not.


Hello again.

It's been some time once again. It's not because I have been really busy this time, I have just forgotten to write here. Lately I have been working a lot because we had to finish off a release such that the real testing can begin. Right now I don't have anything to do at all at work, so I have the opportunity to relax a bit. I have been working a bit more on my Windows Phone app, as I have some thing I would like to add and others I want to improve. I have also put my code on bitbucket such that I have a remote copy of my project, if something should happen to either my laptop or the disk in it. At least I installed a SSD in my laptop but still accidents can happen, so a remote copy is always a good choice. Some of the recent work I have done on the app, is that I have upgraded to the newest library version which resolved some of my problems, another thing I have done is to convert my queries to LINQ queries, which is really nice. This is the first time I have used LINQ for something useful as I haven't been using C# much.

The university has also started a new semester, and that means a new project and new courses. I've chosen Testing and Verification and Advanced programming. Together with the Software Innovation course it should make 30 ECTS points. I have ordered 2 books today, although one was available through the university online book access, I chose to buy the Software Testing by Ron Patton because Safari Books was the only provider. I really hate the way Safari Books works. Normally we have the opportunity to download a PDF file of the books, however, this is not possible with Safari Books. Another problem is that Safari Books has limited users, so during exercise sessions access is not ensured because of the limitations, so i chose to buy the book in the end.

Hope I will write some more soon
- Archi

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