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Yesterday and today I've stayed at home. Yesterday I had an extreme head ache and today my stomach have hurt like hell. Although I haven't been to the university, I managed to finally enable the OAUTH for the new twitter API and decode the JSON from the twitter REST service. Now I can finally get the text of my twitter updates again, and now it doesn't take much time to get the data back to the old form to be displayed correctly. I've also managed to improve it a little such that twitter profiles can be looked up directly from my twitter box, if people would like to check out the people I'm writing to.

It took me some time before I had the


function of PHP figured out, but it's relatively easy to use together with the



I've also begin to climb for real again. It's really nice to finally have started again! It's so fun when hanging at a wall nearly slipping on the small rocks, and just stretch out to reach the next one. When you finally get your hand or foot on the next rock you just feel so awesome when you have been in a difficult position. In my opinion it's just something that all people should try! A bonus is that you get stronger Smilie: :D

Hope you are all feeling alright

- Archi

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